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Pavé the Way® Jewelry Ambassadorship

 "Pavé the Way®" is meant to be a play on words since the jewelry has ethically sourced pavé diamonds and is messaged with purpose to "pave the way" to make the world better for future generations. As with all of Joan's jewelry designs, 100% of Joan's profit of each piece sold is donated to the charity of the purchaser's choice. 

The designs in the Pavé the Way® collection reinterpret everyday objects to make it clear that fashion has the unique opportunity to combine consumerism and activism by sparking conversation and creating philanthropic actions. 

Pavé the Way® pieces are all sterling silver with ethically sourced diamonds and 23k gold or 18k rose gold accents. 

We find people build their own collections by buying multiple pieces, layering them, gifting, sharing and personalizing their message. Our plan is to build followers via online engagement. We want to know what people care about to enable us to respond to today's most pressing issues identified by our customers. That is why we are grateful for ambassadors and major influencers who can keep the giving going. 

We provide our ambassadors with a personalized code, which their followers can use to receive a 10% discount on purchases though our website. You too, as an ambassador, receive 10% of the purchase price from us in the form of a check or as a donation to the charity of your choice in your honor, whichever you prefer. 

We invite you to sign up for the PTW Jewelry Ambassadorship by submitting the form below. Upon approval, a PTW representative will contact you via email with your personalized code. Once you receive your code, please feel free to share this code with your network so they can begin receiving a 10% discount on all purchases. We ask that when you post, please let us know by tagging / mentioning @PaveTheWayJewelry and @JoanHornig so we can repost, retweet and share the mission of giving back!

Thank you in advance for your help in "paying it forward" by becoming an active ambassador for Pavé the Way® Jewelry!